UI Scholarship

The Foundation and The University of Idaho (UI) have established the Lauren McCluskey Memorial Athletic Scholarship.

Utah Admits Error

Utah admits error in Lauren McCluskey’s death, settles for $13.5 million, ESPN – October 22, 2020

Cat Wing

Foundation and individual donors fund Lauren McCluskey Cat Wing at Whitman County Humane Society

Animal House Ferals

The Foundation sponsored Cat-Wing Ferals to campture, neuter, and release feral cats. Story

Utah Senate Bill 134

Utah Senate Bill 134 (Campus Safety) was signed by the Governor on March 30, 2019. Story

3rd Annual Legacy Event

The 3rd annual event to honor the legacy of Lauren McCluskey is scheduled for October 2, 2021. (There will also be a dinner & auction). All proceeds go to the Lauren McCluskey Foundation, which supports campus safety, amateur athletics, and animal welfare.