Lauren did everything right…but no one listened! Join us in changing the culture!

Lauren’s life could have been saved if individuals had listened to her pleas and followed through by investigating and acting on her concerns. Instead, her murder exposed serious flaws such as lax dormitory security and a culture of minimizing and not believing victims’ complaints.

Dating violence is one of the top issues facing universities and colleges, with surveys indicating that 32% of students report violence by a previous partner. Unfortunately, we have found that the flaws exposed at the University of Utah are present at other universities across the United States. This must change!

Students attending these schools are experts on their own experiences and needs as they navigate life on their campuses. Students have been the leaders in changing the culture that does not respond well to victims and those who are threatened.

“Students have the capacity to advocate and use their voices because we have firsthand experiences with safety on campus.”

Tiffany Chan, Vice President of University Relations – Associated Students of the University of Utah, 2021

Here’s some ideas to get started:

Plan a Memorial Walk During the Week of October 17-23, 2022
It is easy to organize a walk on your campus or in your community. This past year we have had more than 40 schools across the United States host a memorial walk to raise awareness about dating violence and stalking on their campus. Many campuses have already committed to organizing a walk for October 2022!

Pass a Resolution to Promote a Culture of Safety
Request that your student government and faculty academic senate pass resolutions regarding dating violence, stalking, and the inclusion of Lauren’s Promise as a voluntary statement on course syllabi. Ask to have all instructors, faculty, and student teachers be exposed yearly to Lauren’s Promise so that they can consider including it on their syllabi for the classes they are teaching.

Make the Culture of Safety Everyone’s Responsibility
We believe that responsiveness to dating violence and stalking on campus is everyone’s responsibility. Share Lauren’s story with campus mentors such as housing residential advisors, faith leaders, mental health counselors, trusted friends, and campus organizations. Assist in hosting events to raise awareness for dating violence and stalking with special focus in January during Stalking Violence Awareness Month. Have a table in a highly trafficked area or at club meets. We are in the process of creating materials to make it easier to share this information and take action. We will guide you to a successful event. Stay tuned!

Understand your Campus Safety Score
The Lauren McCluskey Foundation is in the process of developing a campus safety score that students and families will be able to use to hold schools accountable and help parents and students make informed decisions about which school to attend.