University of Idaho Lauren McCluskey Memorial Athletic Scholarship

While growing up in Pullman, Lauren frequently practiced and competed in track and field at the University of Idaho Kibbie Dome. University of Idaho track athletes provided coaching for Lauren, including Angela Whyte, Andrew Blaser, Colin Briggs, and Ellen Rouse. Even after going away to college, she practiced at the Kibbie Dome during her winter breaks. During high school, she competed with athletes who later joined the track team.

This memorial scholarship fits perfectly into the Foundation’s mission by providing financial assistance for student athletes. Here is how you can donate:

  1. Online Designation, type “McCluskey”. Select Lauren McCluskey Memorial Athletic Scholarship Endowment.
  2. Paper CheckMake checks payable to University of Idaho Foundation, Inc.Write “Lauren McCluskey Memorial Athletic Scholarship” on the check.Send to University of Idaho Foundation, Inc., 875 Perimeter Drive MS 3143, Moscow, ID 83844-3143
  3. Lauren McCluskey Foundation your donation by typing “UI Scholarship” in the comments field.

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