Racing for Change – The 2nd Annual Utah Race for Campus Safety

The 2nd Annual Utah Race for Campus Safety, hosted by the Lauren McCluskey Foundation at the University of Utah, brought together students, staff, alumni, and families in memory of Lauren McCluskey, tragically killed on campus five years ago. Jill and Matt McCluskey, Lauren’s parents, organized the event to promote “Lauren’s promise,” urging community members to actively address threats, provide safe spaces for survivors, and transform campus culture regarding dating violence.

The race aimed to raise awareness of dating violence and stalking, with Mrs. McCluskey expressing hope for increased participation in making Lauren’s promise a widespread commitment. SASS Go, a women’s education and self-defense organization, joined the event to create safer communities and support survivors. Mesa Weidle, a U alumna and SASS Go instructor, shared her personal journey of healing and empowerment through education about relationship violence and self-defense.

Weidle emphasized the need for proactive conversations about sexual assault and relationship violence, believing it could lead to positive long-term outcomes. Jessie Rozario, U athletic trainer, highlighted the race’s alignment with her advocacy for student wellness, expressing hope that it continues to raise awareness for student safety. The event not only paid tribute to Lauren but also served as a platform for crucial conversations, healing, and a collective commitment to creating safer campuses.

– Article by The Daily Utah Chronicle